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Are you seeking to find an effective way to change your current situation in as little as one session, making permanent change for good with ever lasting results?

Dr Hypnotherapy

Do you feel stuck?

Do you feel stuck in your life having to plan your life around a phobia, obsessions or compulsions? Do you suffer from stress, anxiety or panic attacks? Are you low on confidence?

Dr Hypnotherapy

Any bad habits?

Is self esteem a problem? Do you want to free yourself from bad habits? Are you depressed? Addicted to drugs or alcohol that is masking over the emotional pain?

Dr Hypnotherapy

Hello! I’m Diana

Clinical Hypnotherapist

I am an Award Winning International Anxiety and Addiction Specialist.

I work with men & women on a global scale, who want to break free from the issue(s) that are holding them back in their lives.
Let me take you from feeling stuck to unstoppable so you can achieve the life you really desire and deserve, with ease.

Implementing my unique method has helped my clients change all this.

I appreciate that my clients are starved and come to me in emotional pain. They want fast, permanent results, and again, this is where I come in as my signature method embraces a different technique, which goes beyond diagnosing their origin of their issue(s) which create a new therapeutic, distinctive approach.

This leads to permanent, powerful change.

My Expertise


Imposter Syndrome

Self Esteem/Confidence

Panic Attacks



Personal Trauma

Public Speaking




Stress Management

Approach & Values

Dr hypnotherapy is extremely different to other therapy.
This methodology doesn’t talk about your symptoms for months/years (counselling). 

Dr hypnotherapy is not a session based clinical hypnotherapy style that just gives suggestion therapy to change over months whilst you relax and listen. 

Dr hypnotherapy does not look for triggers or try to modify your behaviour (CBT), these are only masking the symptoms. 

Most therapists only focus on symptoms not the actual root cause, that is why it usually takes months or years to feel better, whilst learning how to ‘cope with the issue’ and not being cost effective. This is not rapid change, it is very time consuming and unfortunately, still living with the issue. 

This is a typical example of the type of clients I see – seeking therapist after therapist who focus solely on the symptoms and not resolving the actual issue. 

Dr hypnotherapy finds the real causes, which eliminate the symptoms of Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression or Addiction.  

This is why Dr hypnotherapy programmes are very fast and permanently life changing.

Nicola talks about her anxiety

and how Dr Hypnotherapy helped her.

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"I have been suffering from very low self esteem due to my ongoing separation which has been crippling my social life for over a year. Although Councillors have made great progress with my recovery I needed something to move forward with a different outlook on my life and the way I critically looked at myself every day needed to stop. My session with Diana has been truly amazing and she really is a truly inspiring lady and I will never be able to thank her for making me believe that I AM ENOUGH! My recovery from domestic abuse has been challenging but Diana has given me the strength and faith to see things differently and to break my cycle of constant self-blame in thinking that I am a bad person. I really would highly recommend anyone who is feeling low and lost to make contact with Diana because I have never met such a warm kind hearted and compassionate person in my life. I feel that she has been my friend for years and hope this testimonial will serve to help others take a leap of faith and contact her to help. Thank you Diana"

Graham, East Yorkshire

"After trying every diet known to man, I finally decided to try Diana with her unique hypnotherapy method after recommendations. I cannot believe how I haven’t even thought about chocolate after leaving the clinic, I lost 5lbs in one week, and continued to shed the weight till I reached my goal in only 5 weeks. I also now feel so positive about life, feeling more confident, which is a permanent change. Thank you Diana, the session and recording was truly amazing and changed my life for the better in more ways than one!"

Victoria, Leeds

"Diana is one of the loveliest, most positive and inspirational people I have ever met. After 22 years of permanent, sometimes crippling, anxiety and depression, I have tried everything – so I thought! I came across Diana by seeing an article in the local newspaper, I was a little apprehensive about seeking this unknown therapy, however after seeing Diana I now deal with my feelings in a completely different way, in every aspect of my life, turning my thoughts and actions from negative to positive. I am no longer taking anti-depressants anymore, which I never thought would happen. I would recommend Diana in an instant."

Jane, Hull

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