Are you experiencing a difficult time recently with the corona crisis that makes you feel like you’ve lost your positive outlook or put the hand break on your life?

The level of fear and the uncertainty we are currently witnessing is unprecedented. I see it on people’s faces, I hear it in their voices, and, now that we are all in our homes, with little real connection with each other, I’m witnessing it on social media.

We are scared of being hurt, we are scared of the economy, we are scared of not being in control, and now we are even scared of each other.
And don’t get me wrong, fear is a natural human instinct.

Our 2-million-year-old brain is designed to protect ourselves in the moment, for the sake of survival. It’s always looking for what’s wrong, so you can fight, run away from threat, or freeze in the moment(s). But if you do one of these three things, every time you are fearful, or have pain, you’re going to be constantly fighting, running away, or stopping and putting your life on hold. And this is no way to live.

See it in another perspective – everyday many of us drive down the motorway, with nothing but a painted yellow line dividing you from cars that are hurling headfirst towards you at 70 miles per hour. You know that every single day people cross that line. They kill innocent people just like yourself on the other side of it. And you also know that a certain percentage of those drivers are drunk. You also know some are texting. Some are falling asleep. Those are facts. Every single day this happens all over the world. In fact, 1.4 million people will die in car accidents each year around the world. That’s more than 3,200 a day.
And yet we still get in our cars and drive. Why? Because of another “F” word that is 100 times more powerful than fear.


Faith is not learned, it’s something we are born with. Faith is what fuels us through times of fear and uncertainty. It is more powerful than any emotion, even fear. When all hell breaks loose, it gives us the ability to find our centre, and to help ourselves and others to find answers, to find a higher meaning in the midst of our pain and in spite of our fear. And if you’re a headmaster to a manager, you take that certainty and transfer it into others, because human conviction has a viral effect and will spread. You bring unwavering certainty to chaotic environments through the power of your faith.

Keep safe ❤️ Diana

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