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​Fear Is Just An Illusion
First you make your beliefs then your beliefs make you.
Would you like to break away from the fear that’s holding you back in all areas of your life?

Do you want to be free from anxiety and depression?
Would you like to achieve all of your relationship and career goals?
Would you like to be free from fear and have total confidence in all aspects of your life?
This CD is an unconventional hypnotherapy, that finds the root cause of your issue, and also implements the cure, all at the same time.
This CD is designed to unlock and increase your untapped confidence, by breaking away from the fear which holds you back, re-wiring yourself to banish self – doubt, and feel great about yourself.
The hypnotherapy is designed to change your results and transform your life, by implementing a powerful method of removing old outdated beliefs, that we take within ourselves in our formative years.
My highly engaging style speaks to you on an extremely personal level, and tailors this unique proven method to your personal needs. Unlike any other hypnotic CD on the market, this programme contains regression, which is personal to your own life experience.
This hypnosis is designed in a way that allows you to regain the confidence we are all born with.

Track 1 consists of the powerful transformation hypnotic therapy, tailored to you, containing regression. You will discover the meaning of the interpretation you have attached to the fear holding you back, in all aspects of your life.

Track 2 is a relaxation hypnotic recording, and by listening to this part, it will change the way you think. As you listen to this over a 21 day period, you will absorb powerful suggestions, and feel the benefits of the latest cutting edge treatment, in the privacy of your home.

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