​Depression is NOT a disease, but an indication that human consciousness needs to change.

Depression is usually referred to as a ‘disease’, I see the word ‘disease’ as ‘not at ease’ – meaning there is an emotional imbalance of the brain, created by the long-term constant, critical, hurtful words we tell ourselves, not feeling ENOUGH of the modern world we live in, and not following your heart’s desire. It is difficult to diagnose the root cause on a conscious level.

Through hypnotherapy, getting to the root cause is highly effective. It discovers the triggers and the issues such as anger, trauma and anxiety, which are formed by disempowering beliefs, and the meaning you may attach to past events, many of which are created in childhood.

We must learn to value ourselves to the highest standards, moving away from the stigma that is carried with the label ‘depression’, and the negative phrases that go with it, mental illness and mental disease.

People seen by the medical profession being diagnosed with depression have an emotional cause, however this is never fully explored, therefore the patient is labelled with depression, which then creates a belief within themselves – ‘I am mentally ill’. Their issue not being addressed is then like putting a plaster over the symptom – aided by dubious medication.

At times, talking therapy is an option, however this is a system of attending weekly, monthly, even yearly appointments, speaking about their superficial problems and never getting a solution to their deep rooted issue.

People are not broken – they just need an understanding of where the root cause lies from their symptoms, then effectively addressing it, resulting in freedom from their pain.

To cure depression, inner work is needed on a deep subconscious level. We can’t heal what we don’t feel, and we can’t fix what we don’t understand.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health – why? Because your mind controls EVERYTHING.

Where tears are not expressed on account of deep emotional pain, eventually our organs start to weep.

Blessings, Diana ❤️

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