When thinking about OCD, most assume this refers only to excessive cleaning. However, whilst this is common, other obsessive compulsive behaviours include a need to check, a need to collect, a need to count, a need to tap or step, a need to pull hair, or a need to pick the skin.

OCD’s and their rituals are always just a symptom. The cause is a thought or a belief that is based on protection, control or fear. Essentially OCD’s are created based on a ‘what if’ scenario. Most OCD’s start in childhood with beliefs such as…

“If I do this, I’ll get good luck”
“Doing this will stop me being bullied, my parents from splitting up, me being ill etc…”
“If I don’t do this, something bad will happen”

OCD’s are therefore usually set up in a moment of fear, feeling helpless, desperate, vulnerable or just because as a child it’s the only thing that you felt you could control. The behaviour now controls you like an abusive partner however, and it therefore has absolutely no benefit. If you look back to when it starred you will realise that it never really had any benefit except only to provide temporary comfort for a child.

For many, although they may no longer want the OCD, the fear or letting it go only grows, as the familiarity gives a false feeling of comfort. Disposing of an OCD ultimately comes down to finding the origin that created the reference of behaviour.

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