How Does the Fear of Public Speaking Audio Work?

Over time we programme ourselves with our thoughts and life experiences, which create habits for the way we feel. It is common for awkward experiences of the past from school, work or social events to form a negative feeling. This then gives an unstable feeling which can rear up in other events and places. By making changes in the deep part of your mind, during listening to this hypnotic audio, you will break the negative habits that may be holding you back.

How Long Is This Hypnosis Audio?

21 minutes

How Long Should I Listen to This Programme For?

At least 21 days

How Will I Get Access to My Audio?

Audio access is sent to your email address directly after purchase.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis is simply getting access to your subconscious mind. Your mind is more accepting and receptive to change when under hypnosis, meaning you are more likely to see better results and a more significant transformation. Hypnosis is completely natural. If you have ever found yourself driving your car to work from home on autopilot, or in a trance-like state when you have been watching television, you’ve gone into a state of hypnosis.

What Makes Hypnosis Effective?

During hypnosis, the mind becomes receptive to change. When in hypnosis, you can rewire changes into your mind and your mind is more able to easily accept them. Hypnosis can be a powerful tool when you want to unlock a transformation, overcome a block, or address issues at the root cause.
For full effect it is recommended to use this audio just before going to sleep at night, using headphones.

WARNING: Do not listen to audios whilst driving a vehicle or operating any machinery.


This audio will allow you to feel comfortable, relaxed and word perfect, while giving any kind of presentation, meeting, interview or sales pitch.
Speaking in public is the most common fear in the Western world. By listening to this audio download you will overcome your fear of public speaking, and lose your nervousness, giving you the confidence to walk into any event large or small, with unshakable, unwavering confidence!

All you need to do is press the play button as you get into bed and then relax and fall asleep.

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