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Audio 1 This audio consists of the powerful transformation hypnotic therapy, tailored to you, containing regression. You will discover the meaning of the interpretation you have attached to the fear holding you back, in all aspects of your life.

Audio 2 This audio is a relaxation hypnotic recording, and by listening to this part, it will change the way you think by the implementation of the neuroplasticity. As you listen to this over a 21-day period, you will absorb powerful suggestions, and feel the benefits of this super therapy treatment, in the privacy of your home.

As you complete this course you will notice that you start to feel different. You will feel a phenomenal confidence in yourself, and your inner confidence will be so strong that it will radiate from within you. Your mind will be rewired so you know you are worthy of so much more, and you will have a higher sense of self-esteem.

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