How Does The Perfect Weight Work?

Your beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind, some of which are positive, others are more negative. We need to eat to live, but a line can be crossed on how much food or what type of food we consume. Once a bad eating habit is established, your mind will be programmed to repeat this behaviour. This hypnotic audio is designed to mentally shrink your stomach size, which in turn begins the process of breaking bad habits in the subconscious mind, replacing them with healthier ways of feeling and eating, and not using food as a crutch. Over time this new behaviour will allow you to make better choices to reduce a dress size. By releasing old emotional habits, releasing cravings, rebalancing stress levels and hormones you will feel focused to reach your goals safely.

This hypnosis audio will reset your thinking. You will only make changes which are positive for you.

Press the play button, lie back and relax as you allow your mind to take back control.

How Long Is This Hypnosis Audio?

21 minutes

How Long Should I Listen to This Programme For?

At least 21 days

How Will I Get Access to My Audio?

Audio access is sent to your email address directly after purchase.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis is simply getting access to your subconscious mind. Your mind is more accepting and receptive to change when under hypnosis, meaning you are more likely to see better results and a more significant transformation. Hypnosis is completely natural. If you have ever found yourself driving your car to work from home on autopilot, or in a trance-like state when you have been watching television, you’ve gone into a state of hypnosis.

What Makes Hypnosis Effective?

During hypnosis, the mind becomes receptive to change. When in hypnosis, you can rewire changes into your mind and your mind is more able to easily accept them. Hypnosis can be a powerful tool when you want to unlock a transformation, overcome a block, or address issues at the root cause.
For full effect it is recommended to use this audio just before going to sleep at night, using headphones.

WARNING: Do not listen to audios whilst driving a vehicle or operating any machinery.


This Hypnotic Gastric Banding audio reprograms your mind, so that your relationship to food and emotions linked to food, changes. This programme is designed to mentally shrink your stomach size, and then condition you to become motivated to only want to eat healthy and real food. This technique conditions you to fill up quickly, and you will feel energized and empowered by being back in tune with mind and body! Using this method is a safter, non-invasive, long term option. Boost your body confidence, you will eat less but most importantly, you will feel satisfied, let go of the torture of diets, and reclaim your health and body confidence back!

Before you begin your audio programme, I recommend that you do the following: write down how much you weigh, how you feel about your weight, describe your eating and exercise habits, and take a photo of yourself.
So then in the future, you can compare the changes you have made in the way you look, your attitudes and your feelings.

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