PSYCHOSOMATIC mind (psyche) & body (soma) ILLNESS

Physical illness or other conditions;
stress/anxiety/depression/eating disorders.

Symptoms that mask emotional stress! 
The nature of the physical presentation of the symptoms hides the distress at its root, so naturally those affected will automatically seek a medical condition to explain their suffering. People turn to medical doctors, not trained professionals who specialize in this area to provide a diagnosis.
These symptoms/ issues are caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress.
Physical symptoms including pain, seizures, even paralysis are triggered by emotional states.
Many illnesses are unexplained, doctors simply can’t identify by medical tests, CAT scans, MIR scans are inconclusive, therefore the ‘symptoms’ are only treated with dubious medication.
Up to a third of people seen by the medical profession have neurological symptoms that cannot be explained, hence an emotional cause is often suspected, however not explored in depth.
People then form a belief of their condition ‘putting a plaster over the wound’ not getting to the real root emotional cause.
We can’t heal or fix what we don’t understand.
The body responds to emotional upset in many ways which result in different illnesses and mental disorders.
The illness/issue/disorder is there for a reason, why? Because the mind will do anything it thinks you’re wanting it to do.
Only when the subconscious neuro pattern is revealed can the symptom disappear.
Diana ❤️ 

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