Why struggles come from unprocessed events from childhood…​

​Due to so many people asking about this, I wanted to expand.​

​Yesterday I posted “Did you know that your struggles come from unprocessed events from childhood?”​

​What does this mean? As so many people asked me about this.​

​When we are in our formative years, we come with a blank slate.​

​Many beliefs are created from 0 to 7 years old.​

And they are created on how we see our mother and father treating themselves, treating each other and treating us.​

So if a child sees mum and dad fighting over money, the child could create some of these beliefs​

– Money brings problems.​
– Money is bad.​
– Money brings unhappiness.​
– Money separates people.​

​Whenever we are not accepted as we are, or we are rejected, judged, criticized, laughed at, made fun of, bullied, etc, we create meaning around it.​

​Being rejected, judged or criticized could create beliefs like:​

​- I am not good enough.​
– There is something wrong with me.​
– I am not lovable, worthy, etc.​

​This becomes our beliefs.​

​That then gets stored in the subconscious mind where most people are not aware of it.​

​So, when we have struggles, it is all related to these limiting, negative and false beliefs.​

If we don’t work on identifying those beliefs, and changing them at a deep level, the challenges around specific areas we are having, will not go away.​

​I have helped thousands of people overcome depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, make money, find a healthy relationship and so much more.​

​When you change your belief system, your world changes.​

​I have been studying and working on the mind for years, and working with thousands of people around the world, to see amazing changes.

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