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I am an Award Winning International Anxiety and Addiction Specialist, Life Coach, Speaker & Author


Hello! I’m Diana

I am an Award Winning International Anxiety and Addiction Specialist, Life Coach, Speaker & Author.

As a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, I offer bespoke hypnotherapy which always creates phenomenal results in as little as one session.

People don’t need to attend therapy sessions weekly, monthly or for years, focusing on the same issue(s) and still not finding a solution.

Choosing the right hypnotherapy is vital; having confidence that what the therapist is going to do will work for them.

People are interested in where the cause lies, and want the knowledge that they can be cured rapidly. They are interested in a solution that is permanent.

This underpins my philosophy, as I want the change to stick – leaving my clients cured permanently. I can do this as I have the skills in my hypnosis practice to give dramatic proven results.

The hypnotherapy I deliver (Rapid Recovery Method) is highly effective, based on neuroscience that offers fast and effective results, by combining the most beneficial principles of hypnotherapy, CBT, (Cognitive behavioural therapy), regression, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), psychotherapy and inner child work. This delivers extraordinary, permanent change from psychological, emotional pain by reframing core beliefs, values, habits and emotions that are deep in the subconscious.

From a young age I have always been fascinated by the mind, and also passionate about helping people, which took me into mental health nursing care. Spending years in this role, I began to understand a lot of my patients were suffering from psychosomatic illnesses – physical symptoms of pain, and seizures, yet their symptoms could not be identified by doctors examinations, therefore addressing these issues is like putting a plaster over the symptoms instead of getting to the root cause – aided by dubious medication.

Up to a third of people seen by the medical profession have neurological symptoms that cannot be explained – hence an emotional cause is suspected but not explored.

Witnessing this every day, and seeing the increase in mental illnesses over the years, this gave me a desire to explore neuroscience on a whole new level.

The brain controls everything – we are lead to believe that the brain is very complicated, however after years of study I found this to be untrue, and now that I have a greater understanding of how it works, and by also implementing my unique hypnotherapy method, a dynamic and life changing therapy is created. It is accredited; it is proven to work and gets results fast.

As a therapist I always work from my heart, and it is my passion to free my clients from the issue(s) that are keeping them locked in emotional pain. I work with both men and women all over the world using video call in the comfort of their own home.


After years of practice, I am now considered the go-to expert by the medical professionals, after helping them personally with their issue(s) or by their patients/clients with my powerful Rapid Recovery Method.

I am an expert in reprogramming the mind, achieving quick results by applying my unique mental method.

The results speak for themselves. To date I have helped thousands of men and women in 26 different countries eradicate their personal issue(s), experiencing rapid transformation in their personal or professional life, achieving freedom from addictions, breaking free from intrusive thoughts, positive outlook and purpose, phenomenal coping skills with radiating confidence, eradicating phobias, obsessions or compulsions

I am also fortunate to have been trained by Marisa Peer, enhancing my practice, and whose client list includes International Superstars, Royalty, CEOs and Olympic Athletes.

Allow me to help you accomplish whatever you may have ended up dismissing from an old outdated belief that kept you trapped into the paradigm. I will guide you through a journey to reprogramme your mind by eradicating the old mental programme, and replacing it with a new empowering, constructive one.

Everything is available to you, and together you will accomplish your wanted desire(s) quicker than you imagine.

“We don’t get what we want, we get what we believe”

Diana Rushton.

I want that for you. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. It doesn’t have to take you years to have the breakthrough you desire.

Whether you need help eradicating distorted or dysfunctional thinking patterns, or negative, emotional and maladaptive behaviours, I can help you get UNSTUCK and BREAK FREE!

My Philosophy:



“This is a super therapy”

This experience is a power packed combination of:


As I explore to find the denominator of the origin to your issue(s), using a unique alpha state hypnosis technique. This is the most essential subconscious work for your breakthrough.


So you learn to trust, believe, and love yourself and know you’re enough and worthy – even if you don’t think that’s possible for you right now.



Through the programme of the Transformational Hypnotherapy, you unlock your mindset in different areas to then becoming bullet proof to the origin that held you back, taking you from the core issue to the solution.



With the ultra-powerful Transformational recording(s) this unlocks your mindset by eradicating the origin of your core issue(s); this is the final essential subconscious work that’s been a major missing piece in your progress. Until now!

This creates a dynamic approach to then…

*Having a sensible and simple approach to creating new mental habits

*A new set of empowering beliefs and emotions

*The root cause of your issue resolved

*A transformed neurological pathway so you can think, feel and perceive on a whole new level.

“Anything you are lacking in your life, in any area, is because you have a limited belief about it”



And this is where I come in….

Many people don’t realise that your success in anything you want to achieve or overcome, is determined by your mindset (your beliefs, doubts, thoughts and fears). It’s why I say that you have to unlock your mindset to experience transformation in the area needed. However, working on your conscious mind without also working on your subconscious mind is going to keep you stuck, because your conscious mind is the surface level and cannot get to the root cause of what’s blocking your desired outcome. It’s like sticking a metaphorical plaster on something that needed stitches.

It’s only once you’ve discovered and dealt with that root cause (it’s often something completely unknown or unexpected) that your transformation will truly take place. Using my signature Rapid Recovery Method finds the meaning and interpretation to what created the origin and only then can you be free from it, as we can’t fix what we don’t understand, and we can’t heal what we don’t feel.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle. It doesn’t have to take you years to get where you desire to be.

"For the past three years my health has been deteriorating. I had been suffering with migraines, vertigo, tinnitus, IBS and depression. I had been back and forwards to doctors and specialists. I had MRI, scans and could not get to the bottom of what was causing it all. I felt very down in the dumps. I didn’t go anywhere or do anything. At one point I couldn’t even drive my car or walk my children to school. The doctors just wanted to hand me endless tablets which were only masking the problems and not solving it. So I thought enough was enough something had to give. One of my friends mentioned hypnotherapy so I decided to do some research. Diana’s name came up and I read some of the testimonials and thought wow is this too good to be true? What did I have to lose. I wasn’t sure what to expect on the day but Diana completely put me at ease. Walking through that door was the best thing I ever did!! Things that I didn’t even realise had been weighing me down for more than 25 years. My migraines, vertigo and tinnitus have completely disappeared. I have realised that it was all caused by anxiety. I am now on my journey and wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for Diana’s help and guidance."

Nicky: UK

"Diana was the person who rewired my thinking and believing, it has felt like a rebirthing, a soul retrieval, to the person I always knew myself to be, the reunion with myself has been quite a shock and quite profound – because Diana was my midwife, I feel such a bond with her, I feel such gratitude to her, I feel I’ve been born into a world now that has welcomed me and can see me, no more fear and no more doubt – Diana’s words ring in my consciousness now – it’s a powerful gift Diana has and what is more amazing is that now everyday I’m noticing more and more profound changes. I’m so grateful Diana made herself available to work with me; she is genuinely one of the most authentic, approachable therapists I have ever worked with and has such a passion helping people."

Joyce : UK

Hi Diana, I just thought I’d let you know I smashed my interview, they rang me an hour later saying how they loved my confidence and enthusiasm and out of all the applicants there was no one more better than me! Thank you for helping me realise I am enough xx"

Claire: Edingburgh

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