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“I wonder if I’m holding myself back from my true potential…..”

I hear this all the time from my clients.

Despite what all the self-help gurus state all the time, doing affirmations daily won’t suddenly cause someone to take bigger risks and go after what they want.

Most end up stuck in neutral…

Watching from the passenger seat as life passes by…

So they do what everyone does…

Attend another therapy session.

Add another self-help book to the pile.

Endless visits to the doctor for another 10 minute consultation.

Only to not have any tangible change.

After working with thousands of people around the world, I found the common denominator is because they have a negative belief buried in their subconscious mind… “I’m not good enough”

Changing the one core belief of the subconscious, will alter the entire trajectory of your life!

So, how does one remove this limiting belief?

Going to the core of the subconscious and replace negative limiting belief with positive habits and new unshakeable confidence.

When you do this right, it’s easy to…

Ruthlessly go after your goals with radiating confidence.

Be fearless in the face of adversity.

Awaken your best self to achieving your relationships and career goals.

Since I designed this self-hypnosis programme, it has changed the trajectory of my clients’ lives, and continues to help thousands of people across the globe every day, to be the best versions of themselves.

In this programme, I guide you by my minimalist self-hypnosis system, that makes it easy to replace negative beliefs with positive new constructive ones, in turn creating the habits, focus and unshakeable confidence…

And you can expect to see the changes within 1 – 2 weeks!

This programme has been used by thousands of people and the reviews are glowing. 

If you’ve tried hypnosis during stage shows, or through other hypnotists and it hasn’t worked…you’re not the first. 

I’m often referred by the medical professionals as the go-to expert, as I treat the untreatable clients. If you want entertainment, this is not for you, if your desire is to be transformed, then this is definitely for you!



Self-Hypnosis Secrets

Self-hypnosis is a form, a process, or the result of an induced deep sense of relaxation in your mind and body in a hypnotic state, a vehicle to enhance the efficiency of suggestion. This allows your mind to be open and receptive to the positive suggestions you wish to give it. The most effective way to do this is through a self-hypnosis audio. This programme is the latest cutting-edge therapy, that takes place in the comfort of your own home.

Hypnosis can have powerful, positive, and lifelong effects on the subconscious mind. This means that hypnosis can help you to achieve transformation and have success in almost all areas of your life.

Diana has a PhD in results with her neuroplasticity hypnotic audio programme, that has helped thousands of people across the globe overcome their fears, eradicate self-destruction, and achieve their goals with unshakeable confidence.



Self- esteem is how much we value ourselves, how we internally think about ourselves, hence the name ‘self-esteem’ not ‘their esteem’.

Low confidence and low self-esteem can impact every area of your life. You might find it hard to begin new relationships, both romantic and with friends.

You may have the handbrake on trying to advance your career, because you don’t have the confidence in yourself to take advantage of new opportunities. Or you may lack confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your potential.

First you make your beliefs then your beliefs make you.
Would you like to break away from the fear that’s holding you back in your life?

Do you want to be free from anxiety and depression?
Would you like to achieve all of your relationship and career goals?
Would you like to be free from fear and have total confidence in all aspects of your life?

This programme is an unconventional hypnotherapy session, that finds the root cause of your issue, and also implements the cure, all at the same time.
The programme is also designed to unlock and increase your untapped confidence, by breaking away from the fear which holds you back, re-wiring yourself to banish self-doubt, and feel great about yourself

This latest cutting-edge therapy is designed to change your results and transform your life, by implementing a powerful method of removing old, outdated beliefs, that we take within ourselves in our formative years.

My highly engaging style speaks to you on an extremely personal level, and tailors this unique proven method to your personal needs. Unlike any other hypnotic audio on the market, this programme contains regression, which is personal to your own life experience.
This hypnosis is designed in a way that allows you to regain the confidence we are all born with.

Audio 1

This audio consists of the powerful transformation hypnotic therapy, tailored to you, containing regression. You will discover the meaning of the interpretation you have attached to the fear holding you back, in all aspects of your life.

Audio 2

This audio is a relaxation hypnotic recording, and by listening to this part, it will change the way you think by the implementation of the neuroplasticity. As you listen to this over a 21-day period, you will absorb powerful suggestions, and feel the benefits of this super therapy treatment, in the privacy of your home.

As you complete this programme you will notice that you start to feel different. You will feel a phenomenal confidence in yourself, and your inner confidence will be so strong that it will radiate from within you.
Your mind will be rewired so you know you are worthy of so much more, and you will achieve a higher sense of self-esteem.

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It’s Really That Easy!

Step 1

Use my hypnotic formula to open the drawbridge to your subconscious mind and uncover the limiting belief.


Step 2

Bringing yourself to a receptive peaceful state, so your subconscious is open to change.


Step 3

Using the neuroplasticity suggestion therapy, you will rewire your subconscious with a new value and belief system.

If You Have Questions,
We’ve Got Answers

How Does " Unshakeable Confidence & Self Esteem – Becoming Bulletproof Programme” Work?

The first audio consists of the powerful hypnotic therapy tailored specifically to you. This is where you will uncover meanings and interpretations you have created to diminish your confidence and self-esteem, thus holding you back in areas of your life.

The second audio consists of a hypnotic recording that will help you to get back to being your true self, by releasing the negative traits and behaviours that have controlled you over time.

It is important to listen to track 2 for at least 21 days, although most people see positive changes in themselves within days. It is up to you how often you listen, but the more you listen, the more you will benefit. Repetition is key!

Keep listening until you make all the changes you want to make. This neuroplasticity hypnotic audio has been designed so you can listen to track 2 when is convenient to suit your lifestyle.

You may find that if listening at bedtime, you fall asleep during your audio which is fine, as your mind will still absorb the hypnotic suggestions and the changes will still take place.

How Long Is This Hypnosis?

Audio Track 1: 47 minutes

Audio Track 2: 18 minutes

How Long Should I Listen to This Programme?

Audio Track 1: You are only required to listen once

Audio Track 2: At least 21 days

How Will I Get Access to My Programme?

You will get an automatic download to the Course straight after purchase from the website.


What Makes This Hypnosis Programme Effective?

During this unique hypnosis programme, the mind becomes receptive to change. When in the hypnosis state, you can rewire changes into your mind and your mind is more able to easily accept them. This hypnosis programme is a powerful tool, if you want to unlock a transformation,

overcome a block, or address issues at the root cause.

For full effect it is recommended to listen to track 2 just before going to sleep at night, using headphones.


I’ve tried hypnosis before, but it didn’t work…how is this any different?

This is the latest cutting-edge hypnotherapy programme, by using a unique alpha state brainwave. Once the foundation work is completed with the full hypnotherapy session, getting to the core root of the limiting belief, then just listening to the neuroplasticity each day for 14 minutes will then lock into your subconscious mind. You will begin to create a new belief system.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?

You can. Everyone can. As long as you wish to enter hypnosis, you will. It’s an easy, enjoyable, and thoroughly relaxing process. You’re simply just allowing your conscious mind, your analytical, thinking brain to move aside, allowing your subconscious mind to become highly creative, receptive, and open to new ideas.

Will I Feel In Control?

Yes. You are fully in control. You cannot be made to do anything, and you cannot be taken into hypnosis against your will.

Who Is This Hypnosis Audio For?

This hypnosis audio is perfect for you if you are looking to boost your self-esteem, and increase your confidence using hypnosis. When you feel confident and lovable you can attract and maintain amazing relationships, occupations and friendships.

“This programme took me from a dark place to my best self”

And when you unlock your subconscious, you’ll uncover a new found freedom you’ve never experienced before…

Freedom to take off the handbrake.

Freedom to live as your best self with nothing holding you back.

Freedom to go after your dreams without fear or anxiety stepping in the way.

And I want YOU to experience that freedom.

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Some of the many success stories & changing lives.

Guiding towards the first step of a much better version of YOU!

This is a full powerful therapy session! Just 2 days in and feel a difference in me already..WOW!   Jayne Read


After 21 days going through this programme, I feel more confident in situations whereas before I would be overthinking or judging myself, I am amazed.            Claire Hughes


This programme does exactly what it states. Extremely happy, thank you Diana! Gareth Young


Hi Diana, I just wanted to drop in your inbox today and let you know that after a few weeks of doing your programme, I am thrilled with the significant changes in my confidence. I no longer have the need to seek out to others for reassurance – my self-esteem has improved on many levels! Thank you!  Dawn Sheals


I used this programme and it’s brilliant, it’s helped me 100%   Luke M


I’ve tried so many various hypnosis audios, this is completely different! Forever grateful for this therapy programme. Regards Steven.


As a counsellor I was sceptical, but this programme is so powerful and changed my life, and in turn my practice!  Kay R


This programme helped me connect the dots, feel like I’ve let so much go. Thank you Diana. Mark O’Connor


Unbelievably empowering!  Jacob Toms


I highly recommend this programme, I had such a pattern of not feeling good enough, I did this programme and not only do I feel confident and self-assured but everyone around me notices it too!    Aaron


Before I did this programme, in two years I had done c.b.t, talking therapies, they did not work. After doing the Unshakable confidence & self-esteem audio it totally changed my life!      Zoe Jackson


5* Diana for this incredible programme, it helped me immensely.  Louise Finlay


Two words – life changing! My confidence has shot up massively – I’m living my life to the full now, this is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!  Sonia Martin


I was a little apprehensive on what this programme could actually do. After just doing the therapy on track one, this has been invaluable and definitely my way forward. Mary Bennet


Doing this audio therapy, my mind has a settled and calmer way of thinking. My confidence is higher than it was before and not second guessing myself all the time. I started to see these results straight away, waking up refreshed, feeling so positive! Linda Barr


I absolutely love this programme, it’s given me the confidence I needed, Thank you Diana!   Scott E


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