I worked with Diana for family issues which have caused me huge emotional pain and transpired in to physical pain. The change in my life has been immeasurable not only the fact I am now able to lead a normal life without the emotional baggage I carried for so many years, but my life has changes on so many levels. I am a totally different person inside and out. I have lost 4 stone and lead a very active life. I will be forever grateful.

Julianne: Skegness

I first came to Diana for help with my confidence with driving. After three years of trying but feeling like achieving my driving license was just out of reach, I came to Diana for help. I am blown away by not only the change in my confidence in driving, but this has helped with every other aspect of my life as I am continuing to grow. I am thrilled to say I passed my driving test one month after Diana’s help, and I can honestly say I could not have done it without her help. I am so grateful everyday to Diana for helping me to unlock this freedom. I couldn’t recommend you enough Diana, thank you so much for all your help!

Gracie: Doncaster

In 2011, my husband walked out on me, leaving me with a 14-month-old girl to raise, a mortgage and a part time job.  He later said he wanted a divorce and although this happened, I was still very much in love with him even through he had been abusive in the past. We spoke of a reconciliation 4 months prior to the dreaded day I got a call…..

I was at work when I picked up the phone and was informed, he had committed suicide; my daughter was five and I was broken.

I went to phycologists and councillors not only to help myself but also to help my daughter through this, but I did not know if and when I could ever recover from this as I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The truth is after the trauma I struggled with grief of losing him and apart of myself, loss of connection, my goals, my dreams, my hope, guilt of what I could, should or have said differently and feeling sadness, aloneness and isolation.

I was on a downward spiral turning to alcohol, eating and T.V to self-medicate. I stopped all exercise and eating healthy as I didn’t like myself and I always second guessed every decision I made leaving me feeling paralysed.

I did this for a very long time until I hit rock bottom, became depressed and ended up on medication basically not wanting to live.

Deep down I knew that I had to become strong for my daughter and to be around for her.


I own and have confidence in who I am. I took myself of antidepressants (which I absolutely hated being on). I have now got clear on my beliefs, values, my vision for life and my goals. I’ve removed all anxiety, fear, depression & guilt from my life. I’m eating healthier, exercise, and have lost weight. And now I have a wonderful, loving relationship with my daughter.

As Diana said, “what we don’t fix our children inherit”.

I didn’t believe any of this was possible until I made a choice, a decision to work with Diana! I’ve let go of the past, and show up every day no matter what!

You really can change your life, change those things that no longer serve you and are holding you back, I am living proof.

As Diana said “Change your thoughts, change your life”.

Diana is a natural healer. I felt honoured, accepted and totally safe throughout my therapy, able to open up about painful suppressed memories which I’ve never been able to tell a soul, not even a friend, counsellor or my phycologists.

She is able to handle the deeper concepts in ease and grace.

If you desire powerful transformation, I would advise to stop wasting time and take the leap I did, I promise you will be so glad you did!

Diana is a miracle worker!

Sophie: LA

For years I struggled with anxiety, sleepless nights, constant worrying, muscle tensions, and the list goes on and I didn’t think I’d ever be free until the day came when I realised it wasn’t worth carrying on like this. There had to be more to life. In that moment I decided to dedicate myself 100% to my own healing.

I read every book under the sun about anxiety. Sought out every form of therapy. Spent literally thousands of hours meditating.

In the process I was still having all the symptoms of anxiety, then one day I heard Diana on the radio, everything she was saying just made so much sense! I took action and contacted Diana.

I’m so thrilled to say that today I live a life free from anxiety. A life where I am free from this crippling anxiety that was taking over my life and I can’t honestly thank Diana enough! 

I hope anyone reading this will realise that freedom is available, I was a little hesitant at first, but working with Diana has truly changed my life.️

Michael: UK

Hi Diana, just thought I’d let you know that this morning I was offered a job at my dream company, and I honestly wouldn’t of got it without your help.
I felt so confident and relaxed in both interview stages (which is something I’ve never experienced before!).
The company gave me some really positive feedback saying how I presented myself really well and how confident/‘switched on’ I was! What amazes me is that I still have a few days left of listening to the recording, so I can’t wait to experience more positive results!
Thank you so much again! Reaching out to you was the best investment I’ve ever made and I’d highly recommend you to anyone. ❤

Jenessa: East Yorkshire

What I experienced with Diana was mind blowing, I don’t even recognize myself, I have not binged or over eaten for 3 months now since I had my therapy.
I binged and have overeaten to the point I was gripped with addiction.
Diana was the first person in my life that understood how I felt, her knowledge and understanding is amazing and has changed my life!
It’s been nearly 100 days since my therapy and I’ve been at my ideal weight for a month, feeling and looking better than I did in my twenties!

D Higgins: Wales

I must admit that I knew very little about hypnotherapy until Diana helped my wife with acute anxiety which transformed our lives. I myself have always had a bad relationship with alcohol and began to wonder whether it was something that Diana could help me with. Indeed it was abs just with 1 session I gave up alcohol completely for a period of time which was something I couldn’t manage in over 20 years!! I have now returned to drinking sensible and normal amounts of alcohol which had improved my quality of life hugely! Thanks so much Diana.

Robert: East Yorkshire

Good afternoon Diana, I know it’s not even been a week since my session with you, however I wanted to share with you how things have changed so much! I am no longer experiencing pits in my stomach of severe stress and anxiety, I cannot even remember in my young adult life being free of these debilitating feelings. The bank holiday Easter weekend, I’ve been so much more present with my kids and husband. I also have so much more energy as well as mental clarity. For over 10 years I’ve been wanting to change my life and this feeling is just unbelievable, I can’t thank you enough Diana!

Katie: UK

Diana thank you! I have a future and I am going to grab it with both hands. I don’t think any words can ever express just how much you have helped me. After my therapy, I stopped my OCD rituals. Just like that! You have saved and transformed my life Diana. 

Linda: Canada

Dear Diana, since my therapy with you, just over a year ago, I have experienced the most profound changes! I had multiple and complex issues, but you have healed me! You are amazing and an inspiration. 

Louise: Australia

For the past three years my health has been deteriorating. I had been suffering with migraines, vertigo, tinnitus, IBS and depression. I had been back and forwards to doctors and specialists. I had MRI, scans and could not get to the bottom of what was causing it all. I felt very down in the dumps. I didn’t go anywhere or do anything. At one point I couldn’t even drive my car or walk my children to school. The doctors just wanted to hand me endless tablets which were only masking the problems and not solving it. So I thought enough was enough something had to give. One of my friends mentioned hypnotherapy so I decided to do some research. Diana’s name came up and I read some of the testimonials and thought wow is this too good to be true? What did I have to lose. I wasn’t sure what to expect on the day but Diana completely put me at ease. Walking through that door was the best thing I ever did!! Things that I didn’t even realise had been weighing me down for more than 25 years. My migraines, vertigo and tinnitus have completely disappeared. I have realised that it was all caused by anxiety. I am now on my journey and wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for Diana’s help and guidance.

Nicky: UK

Diana you are a total life changer, all the years I have suffered with anxiety and for many years so many therapist were unable to help, you did! Cured on so many levels! I will be highly recommending you! A brand new me and forever grateful. This is like years of therapy in just a few hours!

Rupert: Hong Kong

Diana, I woke up with zero jaw and tooth ache this morning for the first time in over a decade, my shoulders felt relaxed! I actually felt like I’d had a restful sleep and ready to take on the day! I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I cannot explain how much better I feel after my full session with you! I will definitely be recommending you to everyone, what a gift you have! The best investment I’ve ever made!

Sarah: UK

The experience with Diana has been priceless for me. Despite already having a business I felt held back with my confidence to take it to another level. After the programme I signed up for with Diana, I felt so much more confident in myself, my productivity soared!

I am finally at one with myself and recently just opened a new office in Manchester which has expanded my business dramatically, all thanks to Diana.

She is amazing at what she does and the extra coaching sessions always enlivened me.

Mathew: Leeds

Hi Diana, it’s been a year today since my therapy with you. This is just a note to say a massive thank you, I still haven’t once had or wanted, or even thought about having a drink!

I still don’t know how it worked and to be honest I don’t really think about it either.

Being in a habit of drinking each evening for years – to nothing, my life has opened up personally and my business on so many levels.

Life changer, game changer!

Stuart: Cape Town, South Africa.

Over 10 years I’ve been suffering with mental health problems and finally I have found something that has helped me massively and really has changed my life! Connecting with Diana for my hypnotherapy sessions has been liberating, all things from my past feel like they have been explained and sorted for me, it’s been 7 months now and I am living the life I have always wanted. I can’t thank Diana enough!

George: France

I had a phobia of all transport. It started 7 years ago whilst I was flying to the UK and then it escalated to the point I couldn’t travel on any form of transport. It debilitated my life to the point where I couldn’t go out anymore.

I thought this was going to be my life forever, until I connected with Diana. She has changed my life from the day I had my therapy with her. Now I can get in cars, trains, tubes and go on holiday again, it’s absolutely opened my life back up! If you think you can’t get over a phobia, think again. I hope this will help anyone looking for a cure with their phobia.

Diana you’re the best!

Mark: Costa Rica

Before my session with Diana, I was just getting by from day to day, and felt I had nothing to look forward to – living with low self-esteem and not feeling confident. After my therapy with Diana, I have walked out of the dark and into the light. With the additional information Diana gave me on how the mind actually works, she taught me valuable tools to use – my confidence has returned, and I feel in control. Thank you Diana, I feel like I’ve been reborn!

Casey, London.

I was very sceptical and not expecting any miracles with one session with Diana, however, the intense session has been invaluable.

Clare, Manchester.

A friend recommended me to see Diana, to tackle my crippling anxiety and depression, which I have suffered with for over 27 years. I attended one session with Diana after having my consultation, and I can’t express how Diana has played a huge role in saving my life!

Diana is a true gift to this world, I can never thank her enough.

Barbara, York.

After seeing Diana for my full session, everyday just keeps getting better and better, I have a lot more control than I’ve ever had, and a more balanced routine!

I think you are so much more than I can put into words! I can’t thank Diana enough!

Rebecca, Leeds.

Darling Diana, I wanted to thank you for the abundance of positivity you have brought into my life. In 3 months after my session the cyst has shrunk, the PCOS has disappeared, doctors state it is an absolute miracle. After yo yo dieting all my life I’ve now nearly lost 3 stone in less than 3 months, and I’ve been made permanent at work. My life has been turned around 360 degrees after seeing you. I cannot express how unbelievable these events are and of course amazing! Diana you are truly an amazing and powerful lady. THANK YOU!

Jennifer, London.

For a good 40 years I was addicted to painkillers, in the early years I used to go to different chemists all over Hull to purchase anything that was a strong over the counter painkiller. In the early years I could restrict my intake to 3-4 per day but slowly and gradually it increased to a point where I could take up to 8. By chance on a visit to Spain some 12 years ago I purchased Tramadol and from that point I was totally consumed by these tablets, a regular visitor to Spain where I could easily stock up in vast numbers. I had a very healthy stock and great source of supply.

Three separate counselling sessions to try and kick the habit all failed, even once being told, albeit in the early days “ I did not have a real problem “. However my addiction grew and grew over the past 12 years, to a point where my intake could be anything between 10 -14 tablets per day.

About 18 months ago I realised I had a problem which was completely secret to my family and friends, so decided to do something about it. I researched hypnotherapy and identified a lady in Lincolnshire who I thought could help me. I sat looking at her telephone number for nearly 14 months not being able to call and make an appointment!! I knew in my heart it was doing me harm and along with social drinking became quite concerned about my health, although not able to do anything. I have to say I love keeping fit and healthy and one would never ever suspect I had a problem.

A chance article in the local paper some 3 months ago about Diana’s skills made me really think, but I still didn’t have the guts to call and make an appointment. Then, a radio broadcaster who ( I think undercover) had used her skills to help with a phobia was absolutely amazed at what she had achieved with this lifelong phobia. It was almost a calling, an epiphany.

I had one session with Diana, and since then haven’t even looked at a tablet. Two months on and I still have my stash of tablets, but I look at them like as I would any other item in the world, my craving, my addiction has completely gone overnight. A miracle!

Nearly 2 months on I feel invigorated, more confident, and above all free from an addiction that had taken over my life, it is the most wonderful feeling to be free from this dreadful craving / addiction.

Anybody who wishes to speak with me can do so with pleasure. I would love to help anybody who is a sceptic.

Adrian, Yorkshire.

After having years of hypnosis work with a counsellor I thought I’d cleared away old toxic ties.
I met Diana and i immediately understood that I had not.
I had habits and ties and feelings that had been with me since the age of 4.
I one session Diana cleared these away.
Sticking to the process for 30 days was crucial and so so important but the benefits cannot be valued.
The adjust in my life has been amazing and I have control of any habitual destructive habits, lost that inner voice that was also destructive and the old, old feelings have left and replaced with fresh new, clear thoughts.
All in all Diana’s work is truly life changing and I advise anyone who wants to make a change to see Diana and trust the process 💯%


Chris: Louth

Diana is genuinely one of those authentic women in therapy. She is warm, approachable, trustworthy, genuine with a passion for helping people overcome their huddles to reach their full potential.


Simon : Leeds

Hi Diana. It’s 3 years today since we met and I had my therapy session and I’m still sober 😎😎😎
Simon : UK

I’m not spiritual, ‘holistic’ or religious, I didn’t want ‘airy fairy’ alternative medicine. I didn’t want conventional medicine to suppress me with medication offered. I did want to own my own future and be happier and healthier without these constant intrusive thoughts!

I would like to thank this wonderful woman for my therapy, Diana has changed my life within hours and closed so many unwanted doors. The only words to describe Diana is a miracle worker!

I’m amazed I can’t ever remember feeling this calm and happy, I’m sleeping so well and no intrusive thoughts or fear of this deliberating anxiety that controlled me – gone! And I’m on month 7!!

Kristina : LA

12 years on medication and in therapy; After my session with Diana my anxiety gone! What Diana has done is nothing short of miraculous. Thank you! 
Suzanne : London

Diana, just wanted to let you know how different Joe is since he had therapy with you, I honestly haven’t seen him this happy since he was in his early teens, the difference you have made to his life is unbelievable. I have my happy son back and he said he cannot remember a time he’s felt this happy, no anger, his confidence has shot up massively, thank you so much I’m glad I met you, you changed my life after my therapy with you and his so much. We are both living life to the full now xxxx ❤️❤️😘

Nicola : UK

I have no idea how to start explaining how much you have helped me, thank you from the depths of my heart, for not only helping me conquer my fears, but for giving me my life back. You are amazing ❤

Emma : Scotland

After spending years having therapy from psychiatrists and psychologists – none of it made sense. I kept going over the years because it offered me some reassurance. However I still had fluctuating levels of anxiety and panic. After my therapy, everything made sense. No more disorders or medication. One word flabbergasted! Steven Harrogate

I’m so grateful Diana made herself available to work with me; she is genuinely one of the most authentic, approachable therapists I have ever worked with and has such a passion helping people.

Steven : Harrogate

I honestly cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me! I am the person I have always wanted to be and that’s down to my breakthrough session.
Thank you so much! ❤️ xxx

Emily : California

Diana was the person who rewired my thinking and believing, it has felt like a rebirthing, a soul retrieval, to the person I always knew myself to be, the reunion with myself has been quite a shock and quite profound – because Diana was my midwife, I feel such a bond with her, I feel such gratitude to her, I feel I’ve been born into a world now that has welcomed me and can see me, no more fear and no more doubt – Diana’s words ring in my consciousness now – it’s a powerful gift Diana has and what is more amazing is that now everyday I’m noticing more and more profound changes.

I’m so grateful Diana made herself available to work with me; she is genuinely one of the most authentic, approachable therapists I have ever worked with and has such a passion helping people.

Joyce : UK

After signing up with Diana to clear all my limiting beliefs and blocks – I feel new somehow, not thinking or feeling as a wounded child anymore. I am genuinely shocked by the changes and seen a huge benefit in all areas of my life!

Laura: Canada

Hi Diana, I just thought I’d let you know I smashed my interview, they rang me an hour later saying how they loved my confidence and enthusiasm and out of all the applicants there was no one more better than me!

Thank you for helping me realise I am enough xx

Claire: Edingburgh

I signed up to work with Diana, and I must admit I was sceptical, I read all the reviews after hearing her on the radio but I still wasn’t completely convinced Diana could help me. After working with Diana I was blown away, not anxious now at all, I can’t describe how I feel because I have never felt this way before. No more guilt, I feel free! Both audios Diana gifts you with are a tool you can use for a very long time and have served me in so many ways. I have evolved into a better version of myself. Diana goes above and beyond. I’m so glad I took the leap of faith.

Joshua: LA

Diana is spectacular! I am from Dubai and had my sessions with her via Zoom. I cannot thank her enough for everything that she has helped me with, my relationship with myself is expanding to a place I have always dreamed of. I would highly recommend Diana to anyone as she is incredibly professional, kind, caring, understanding, approachable and friendly, making me feel so relaxed and calm each time I connected with her. She goes above and beyond for her clients and nothing is ever too much for her. Thank you so much Diana, I wish I could express my gratitude more.

Sophia: Dubai

Thank you Diana, I’m so grateful for what I’ve achieved working with you! At the risk of sounding very full of my own importance, I’ve found it really difficult to talk to anyone about my issues as I often feel I know more than they do being a mental health nurse, so I don’t feel very contained. Your therapy, knowledge and perspective are amazing and just what I needed! I have also spoken to so many professionals who have just wanted to go over and over the traumas I’ve had, exploring how they make me feel, and I have never found that helpful. Your approach ‘yes that was tough stuff, but now let’s move forward and here is how’.

Diana you have helped me realise where this all originated from, finally I understand which has been so invaluable for me, words will never be enough for my gratitude to you, the feeling of gloom and lack of energy has been replaced with excitement!

Prue: Perth: Australia

Currently in Mexico and today I swam with dolphins for the full day!!!! I can’t thank you enough Diana for breaking me away from this crippling phobia I had. Whale sharks on Saturday bring it on!! Xx

Hi Diana, I just wanted to show you this video, it’s me and my partner swimming in the ocean with whale sharks!! I had to jump off the side of the boat which I honestly thought I couldn’t do anything like that! Diana, thank you for everything, I’ve now fulfilled my dream xx

Emma: UK

I have been suffering from very low self esteem due to my ongoing separation which has been crippling my social life for over a year. Although Councillors have made great progress with my recovery I needed something to move forward with a different outlook on my life and the way I critically looked at myself every day needed to stop. My session with Diana has been truly amazing and she really is a truly inspiring lady and I will never be able to thank her for making me believe that I AM ENOUGH! My recovery from domestic abuse has been challenging but Diana has given me the strength and faith to see things differently and to break my cycle of constant self-blame in thinking that I am a bad person. I really would highly recommend anyone who is feeling low and lost to make contact with Diana because I have never met such a warm kind hearted and compassionate person in my life. I feel that she has been my friend for years and hope this testimonial will serve to help others take a leap of faith and contact her to help. Thank you Diana

Graham, East Yorkshire

Diana is one of the loveliest, most positive and inspirational people I have ever met. After 22 years of permanent, sometimes crippling, anxiety and depression, I have tried everything – so I thought! I came across Diana by seeing an article in the local newspaper, I was a little apprehensive about seeking this unknown therapy, however after seeing Diana I now deal with my feelings in a completely different way, in every aspect of my life, turning my thoughts and actions from negative to positive. I am no longer taking anti-depressants anymore, which I never thought would happen.
I would recommend Diana in an instant.

Jane, Hull.

Diana has improved my self-esteem, she is so easy to talk to, and is a great listener, with non-judgmental input. I found Diana to be an empathic therapist who made it so easy to talk to about anything – I am now bulletproof!

I can’t recommend Diana enough!

Katy, York.

Diana is a miracle lady! She has helped me in almost every single area of my life after my session. I am completely vibrating with energy everyday, my body is naturally producing endorphins everyday, smiling all the time, my relationship is back on track, and my business is going from strength to strength. I’m not comfort eating, I’m not reacting negatively to situations, this is only to name a few. Also I can rationally think for myself, the bond with my daughter is improving, I’m more positive and getting things done, radiating with confidence! I’m very happy to be alive!

I would not hesitate to recommend Diana to anybody considering hypnotherapy.

Stephanie, Driffield.

After almost 23 years of different therapists, counsellors, psychologists, and psychotherapists, nothing has ever really worked for me, and the same issues I have always had down to my first five years and other experiences in life, have never seemed to go away. I have done so much soul searching, trying absolutely everything I could to just try and “fix my issues, emotions and the way I think”.  I have lost myself so many times on this journey, but no matter how hard I fall, I get back up harder every time. However I have never given up, as I have a beautiful daughter who I have had to stay strong on the outside for, but no matter where I went or what I was doing, I never had the ability or knowing, to enjoy life like I should, due to all these emotional issues. 

Yesterday I had rapid transformational hypnotherapy with the absolutely amazing Diana Rushton. I was sceptical at first, but only minutes after getting up after it was done, I felt like a completely new person, and finally got to the root of things, and I am now seeing life with a fresh pair of eyes, almost as if I am reborn ❤ I can now finally breathe and live life to the full, without anything getting in the way, like every person deserves to, and the wall that had built up around me has finally come down. I would highly recommend this amazing lady to anyone if they want their life changing for good.
You can never change the past, but you can get a better understanding of why things happened as they did, and use the experiences to make your future everything you ever dreamed of. I am so relieved and ready for this new chapter in my life, and to finally feel free. I am so ready and excited for my future, and to help others on this life journey.  I can now go after my dreams and goals with a clear head and heart ❤❤❤

Amy, Hull.

Diana has made me feel fabulous again, what a gift she has, Diana has changed my life, absolute miracle worker!

Michelle, Vietnam.

I don’t consider myself to be “woo-woo” or someone who is easily “swayed” into simply believing something works, however what I experienced in the room with Diana changed my life – in just minutes. Thank you Diana, I was sceptical before meeting you, but what I’ve experienced is unmistakably real.

Nichols, London.

I had eczema on my face and arms which damaged my confidence and turned me into a recluse. After my session with Diana the eczema started clearing up straight away and my depression, in turn, also went away. I am amazed and forever thankful to Diana.

Shirley, Birmingham.

Having had my hypnotherapy session exactly 14 days ago, I wanted to thank you Diana for all you have done!! All my cravings for sweets and chocolate have totally gone, I’m focused on healthy eating and exercise and have lost so far lost 10lbs!! A truly empowering experience.

Nichola, Hull.

Having my session with Diana really helped me change my deep rooted issues. I am amazed at how much food I am leaving and how indifferent I am to junk food now.

John, London.

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