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You are here because you are ready to breakthrough and break free from old patterns, beliefs and stories that have been keeping you stuck.

I Work With Men & Women on a individual basis

The techniques and method I use in each session are based on neuroscience that offers fast and effective results by combining the most beneficial principles of hypnotherapy, CBT, (Cognitive behavioural therapy), regression, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), psychotherapy and inner child work. This creates a bespoke hypnotherapy session(s) treating everyone as an individual, and enables me to tailor each session accordingly. I do not believe there is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to any problem, but that we are all unique.

If you would like to enquire about working with me, or to ask a question, please send your details via the contact page telling me which issue you would like to discuss.

Whatever your symptoms, please be assured that confidentiality and professionalism are of the utmost importance.

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Imposter Syndrome

Self Esteem/Confidence

Panic Attacks



Personal Trauma

Public Speaking




Stress Management

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