Diana cured my constant fear of death

​With so much depression and anxiety in our society, and endless waiting lists on the NHS (in the UK) for counselling services, one wonders if there is any way of ‘jumping the queue’ and put an end to the suffering.

My signature therapy jumps straight to the root of the issue, reframes your mind and allows you to move on with your life and be free. I do not encourage the client to become dependent on me, coming back for more sessions every week, for many years. One to three sessions of my Transformational Hypnotherapy are more than enough, and sometimes a single session is just perfectly adequate to treat your problem.

My clients become free, are able to move on and enjoy their life again, saving months or years of slow or ineffective treatment.

I thought that this video of Mrs Quinn, a mum who lives in the UK, would explain my method pretty well, as it talks about a real person now feeling better, and I am happy to put the link here of Nicola being interviewed by the press.

‘Nicola, a Mum and grandmother who turned into a hypochondriac with a constant fear of death after a perforated bowel nearly killed her has finally been cured – with just one session of my transformational hypnotherapy.

Nicola Quinn, 43, got rushed into hospital in 2004 after a cyst on her appendix pierced her bowel. Doctors managed to save her but as she began her physical recovery, her mental health began to suffer and she soon became wracked with anxiety and depression.

She said: “I wanted to just go to work and come home – I didn’t go on holiday or do anything. It just took over my life.”

“It just built up and built up and everyone thought I was a hypochondriac. I was living in fear that I was going to die.”

“I went to the doctor and she said I had anxiety because of what had happened and it was affecting me like PTSD. I didn’t tell anybody for a year and a half because they thought I was being a hypochondriac and I ended up having a mental breakdown.”

Mrs Quinn, who lives in The UK, got put on medication which only “took the edge” off her anxiety when it was first diagnosed.

“I still had that feeling of impending doom all the time,” she said. “I always thought something bad was going to happen and if something good did happen, I always thought that it wasn’t going to last long.”

How Nicola was cured

After more than a decade of struggling to cope, Mrs Quinn contacted me in 2017.

At the time, I had just returned from London to enhance my practice by implementing another different dynamic approach. Mrs Quinn opened up to me about her mental health woes before booking in a session with myself.

“I explained how I felt and I said to her, ‘I don’t know what to do. Can you help me? Diana spoke to me about where I thought things came from and she put me under hypnotherapy. I was aware of what was happening but I was under because I couldn’t open my eyes.”

‘I haven’t looked back’

“Everything started to come out about how I felt and where those feelings came from. She recorded the session and after I had to go home and listen to those sessions every night when I went to sleep.”

“Gradually after a month, the negative thoughts I had, moved across to the other side of the brain. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt relief and I haven’t looked back since.”

‘My life has changed so much’

Nicola was sceptical about whether my skills would work but she has been blown away by the results.

“I didn’t think someone could hypnotise me and get into my head and stop me feeling how I have felt for years. If the medication wasn’t working how could she make things better?”

“But my life has changed so much and now I don’t ever have that feeling that something bad is going to happen. I don’t think, ‘I’ve got a headache, therefore there must be something wrong with me.”

“Now, I enjoy my life – I go on holiday, I never want to be in the house and I am always first out with my friends and the last one home.”

This is how my signature method of Transformational Hypnotherapy works: the client becomes independent straight away. My approach is fast and effective, taking you from the core of the issue straight to the solution. If you want to get rid of a bad habit, a toxic feeling or the sensation of doom, a phobia or addiction, then my unique signature therapy is the way to go. Book your free discovery call today

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